Are You Doing What You Love?

Are You Doing What You Love?

Today is my birthday and there’s nothing else I’d rather be doing.  No, really – nothing.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to spend the whole day writing content for my blog.  I plan to have a lovely evening with my wife where coffee is most certainly involved.  And let’s be honest, anytime there’s good coffee things can’t be all that bad.  Oh yeah, plus my wife.  My wife’s good too…

Well, Are You?

Given that I’m enjoying what I’m doing so immensely it begs the question: Are you?  You won’t always love every minute of what you do, but overall do you get a sense of satisfaction?  It’s a tricky thing doing what you love because it often won’t net you any financial gains, at least that’s the rumor. 

Believe In Yourself

Here’s the thing, even though this blog is new and I haven’t tried to monetize anything yet I know it will be amazingly successful.  Know why?  Because I love what I’m doing and I believe in myself. 

The thing about a blog is that you are your own boss.  There’s nobody to answer to except yourself and your readers.  I’m able to work on my own time, create content that I’m passionate about and I know will help others.  I’m making an impact on people and growing in the process. 

I’ve had blogs before.  I love to write, it’s only natural.  These were more of a hobby than a part of my profession.  The closest thing I had professionally was ‘Body for Tomorrow’, a site dedicated to understanding the importance of making healthy decisions and how it would impact you long into the future, not just your immediate waistline.  It helped my personal training clients greatly but when I stopped being a trainer I didn’t think it appropriate to continue down that path. 

To Know – Teach

As I teach, I learn just as much as my audience.  Even if it’s a subject I’m completely comfortable with and experienced in I find that my confidence grows within the topic as I write.  I realize exactly what I know and what I don’t.  This is to be expected.  They say, “If you want to learn, teach.”

Start A Project

So, yes, it’s my birthday and I’m having a magnificent time.  Late last year I started a project called #PHOTOheal.  I did a solid 13 episodes before stopping.  I’m not done by a long shot but I needed time to evaluate it.  I’ll write an article about what I learned another time but for now I challenge you to start a project of your own.  Getting started on something that interests you will help you feel fulfilled and allow you to test the waters.



So many people don’t start because they are worried about what others will think.  Listen, I know the feeling well.  The difference between the status quo and personal and professional fulfillment is your ability to not care what others think.  How many people say they want to write a book?  Now, how many people ACTUALLY DO?  If you answered THIS guy, you’re right!

I wrote a book years back.  It was well before I became a designer so don’t judge the cover too harshly.  I will be updating the cover and revamp the book itself in the coming years but the important thing is that I DID IT.  It won’t win any awards but it was a childhood dream and I did it.  Stepping out and attacking your goals will give you motivation you never knew you had.


Are You Afraid To Fail?

Good – who isn’t? The important thing is to try and then learn from your successes and your failures.  What is it that separates the great influences from the the typical person?  WHEN they failed (because all of them did) they kept going until they got it right.

Are you doing what you love?  It’s a simple question.  If not, do it.  Do whatever is necessary for you to accomplish your dreams.  If you need to make a living some other way until you can knock it out of the park doing what you love, that’s a sacrifice you may have to make.  One thing’s for sure, if you can thrive building your passion into a ‘business’ only during the times you’re not at work, think at how successful you’ll be once you make it your career…

Until next time!


Btw, if you’re feeling that fear of failure, check out “Fight Your FEAR of FAILURE” and let me know what tips you have! 

Featured Image: Thanks to Freddy Castro!


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