Be Damn Good

Be Damn Good

It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’ve lost my way between selling a house, trying to find a new place, and working on getting a full-time job.  In an effort to get back in the grove and write something appropriate I found something out…I’m damn good. 

Yes, I am damn good.  I know how to write (though it’s not perfect) and I know how to communicate an idea effectively (at least I think I do).  I’m not being narcissistic here, this is just my interpretation of the facts (which can’t be refuted).  For success though, you have to have pride and confidence in what you’re doing.  You have to believe that you are “damn good”.

Listen To Yourself

Not long ago I wrote an article named “Are You Doing What You Love?” (you can probably guess what it’s about).  One of the things I learned about myself is that I love what I write.  I read some things, words I believe in but haven’t said to myself in a while, that helped motivate me today.  And that comes at a very opportune moment.

Job Hunt Difficulties

I’m trying to find a new job and boy, is it TOUGH!  I have a good deal of freelance work rolling in, which I love doing.  However, I need something solid while I keep building my business.  Student loans are no joke and trying to negotiate the waters of employment can be intimidating and, worse yet, paralyzing. 

I’ve tried it all.  I’m part of temp and talent agencies.  I’ve redone and reworked my resume and portfolio.  I’ve been to job fairs, made connections, and sent emails.  I’ve done just about everything I can think of, except what makes me stand out.

Standing Out

While lots of people have blogs and YouTube channels, each one is different, just like the magical snowflake that creates them.  The sad fact is that I haven’t touched this blog in TWO MONTHS!  I haven’t done a single YouTube video, article, or personal project.  I’ve been so consumed with the act of getting a job that I haven’t done the things that give me the confidence I need to land that job. 

Being Desperate

Nothing is worse than NEEDING something.  When you can’t get it you start to stink of desperation (just think about that girl you used to crush on in the halls of high school).  Your confidence wanes and you defeat yourself before you even walk in the door.  You psych yourself up with answers that you think they want to hear, even if you don’t whole heartedly believe them yourself.  I’m not saying they’re lies, but they’re colored to be “interview ready.”   You know the ones.  Things like “My biggest strength is [insert awesomeness factor here] and here’s why I’d be great for you!”  All I want is to sit at a cafe and have an organic conversation about their needs and how I can help.  Conversation over coffee, is that too much to ask?

Oh Yeah, Be Damn Good…

This isn’t about my current challenges, it’s about being damn good.  The moral of the story is to see and love what you do well and don’t let it go for the world.  Every one of us is able to do something we can be proud of.  You may be harder on yourself than you need to be (that’s most of us).  With that all being said, I will not give this up again.  I can’t say I won’t be late or miss a week but I sure as heck won’t let it slide out of sight.

Don’t give it up.  If you fall off the horse just jump right back in the saddle (but be nice to the horse).  Be persistent and you will have no choice but to be DAMN GOOD.

Until next time!


Featured Image: Thanks to Warren Wong

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