Is The Seagate Backup+ Plus Hub Hard Drive Worth It?

Looking to get a new external drive for all your awesome information but don't know where to turn? Check out this text review along with the video unboxing and setup of the Seagate Backup+ Plus hard drive

Looking to free up some much needed space on your computer but aren’t sure where to turn? Do you have WAY too many photos but just can’t bring yourself to delete them? (yeah, me too). Well, you’re in luck. Introducing the “Backup+ Plus Hub by Seagate”.

Product Highlights:

  • Mac or PC versions
  • Time Machine compatible
  • No loss of USB port while using it
  • Social Media & mobile backup built-in

I’ve been using this bad boy for about 6 months now and don’t have one complaint. It’s quick, sleek looking, and feel it was definitely worth the money (I paid $100 back in December).

Below you’ll find a step-by-step unboxing and setup video from when I first received it. As mentioned above, there are Mac and PC versions. Time Machine compatibility (a backup software built into Mac OS) makes this extremely easy to use and the setup is very quick. It comes with additional features, like sharing right to a flickr account, mobile and social media backup, and two USB ports on the front. 

A port in the storm

I find the USB ports especially helpful since my Mac only has two built-in and one is dedicated to my mouse. That means that if I have my drive plugged in then I can’t use my Wacom tablet (something I use regularly for photo restoration and editing), backup my phone, or use my coffee warmer! (I don’t actually have one of those but if you’re thinking of sending a gift).  Now, since the drive takes away a USB port from the computer, having two on the front gives you a net increase of one, not two – just something to think about.

Plug and Play

While it is basically ‘plug it in and start using’ (setup only took me 5 minutes) I’m referring to the fact that this unit comes with a plethora of plug adapters. While I don’t travel outside the US much this does come in handy for those who make a living as travel photographers. The main power brick has a ‘slide-on’ connector that allows you to easily change out the different types of power plug types.

Just another drive

While my favorite feature is the ability to use Time Machine to automatically backup, I wouldn’t have purchased this drive if it was JUST a backup drive with no manual controls. Time Machine deletes the oldest backups when the drive gets full so if I want to keep files for YEARS on the drive but move them off my computer then I need to ensure they aren’t part of the auto backup. You do this like any other drive, just drag and drop the files from your computer or save to that location from whatever program you’re using.  While I’ve never had a ‘backup only’ drive, I have heard they exist.

Final thoughts

I haven’t had need of the extra features (mobile & social backup or flickr integration) but they are nice to have as an option. The 4TB of this unit has been more than enough for the amount of video and photo work I’m throwing at it and the Time Machine feature make this well worth it for me. While it’s not a ‘travel’ drive it is good to know that I have a sturdy option that I can bring with me when I do go abroad. 

My final thought? You should get this Seagate Backup+ Plus Hub and never look back. Amazon has a pretty lenient return policy so if you decide it’s not for you, just print the return label and throw it in the mail! Easy peasy, lemon…well, you know the rest.

Until next time!


What do you do for backing up your epic information? Is there something youd recommend over this drive? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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