Fear Has Gripped Me

Not feeling good enough and that you'll be found out for the fraud you are? Yeah, I know the feeling. Truth be told, it's probably fear doing the talking and not an accurate representation of the facts. Here's me freaking out (and back to reality).

I’m Freaking Out! I’m scared s#!*less right now. I’ve had a hard time creating, and it sucks. Last week I was happy, elated even, when I realized I had the opportunity to focus on doing another video project, something I’ve been wanting, and pushing, to do. Now it’s a reality and I feel like a failure before even starting.  I …

Here’s What’s Wrong With Networking

Here's What's Wrong With Networking

They tell you it’s ultra important, nay, CRITICAL to network. They say that networking will change your business in ways you can’t imagine. They say that you can’t succeed without getting those connections. THEY say a lot of things but what they DON’T tell you can be even more imperative than anything else. Before we get started, here’s my advice: …

Be Damn Good

Be Damn Good

It’s been a while since I’ve been here.  I’ve lost my way between selling a house, trying to find a new place, and working on getting a full-time job.  In an effort to get back in the grove and write something appropriate I found something out…I’m damn good.  Yes, I am damn good.  I know how to write (though it’s …