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The Meaning Behind
“Dave’s Draw”?

It’s a play on words…kinda. 

Yes, I’m a designer but that’s not the original meaning behind it.  If that’s what I meant, it would have been “Dave Draws”, which I don’t do a lot of.  Nope, it has an awful lot to do with where I’m from…

Boston over the Charles River

Boston Pride

I’m a homegrown Bostonian.  Not from Boston proper mind you but just a hop and skip away (no jump, that’s too far).  We New Englanders are a proud and hearty people.  My wife says that we like to always work into the conversation that we are from Boston…that’s true.  Let’s be honest though, if you were from a place as WICKED cool as Boston, wouldn’t you find an excuse to brag?

Anyway, you probably can’t hear my accent now…through the keyboard…but if you COULD you’d be disappointed.  I don’t have one. Back in elementary school I was taught a valuable lesson, by the teacher no less.  She asked me where my pencil was and I said “It’s in the draw.”

With the infamous Bostonian accent, THIS is a ‘draw’:

Drawer of pencils

From that point forward, whenever my accent would come out (it was the heaviest in the class) she would ask me to stand up at my desk or come to the front of the class to say the word coRRectly.  See what I did there?  I included the AAAAHHHHH’s!  


Quick Lesson In Speaking Bostonian:

Step 1) Believe in yourself.  We are a proud people and if you don’t have the confidence than you can’t sell it.

Step 2) Wherever there is an ‘R’, get rid of it! Don’t throw it away, you’ll be using it again later..

Step 3) Replace that ‘R’ with ‘AH’. 

Example: Flooah (floor), staiahs (stairs), paahk (park), etc. 

Step 4) Simply add ‘ER’ in place of an ending ‘A’. If you’re going to pass as a true native of the land you’re going to have to balance out the universe by adding those ‘R’s back into your vocabulary.  The youth of today doesn’t do this as much, it’s an old school tradition but essential to becoming accepted.  

Example: Soder (soda),  bananer (banana), pizzer (pizza), etc.

Of course there are different dialects depending on the area surrounding Boston but this will get you staahted.  


Patient Connect Magazine AdGraphic Design

I’m also a graphic designer.  Though I don’t draw an awful lot, I do sketch.  My studies in all things surrounding this subject are where my expertise lie and where the vast amount of content will come from.


Drawer of pencils


We went over this a minute ago but it’s not just about an accent and being from Boston, it’s about what’s in my drawer, as in, what’s in my “wheelhouse”.  The idea of the site is to help and connect with creatives, designers, photographers, bloggers – people.  “Write what you know” they say.  So, that’s what I’ll do.  I may throw in some things I ‘think’ too.


That’s it! You made it through the first page and a bit of history about my my creative process.  If you want to know more about this page in general check out the About page!

Thanks for checking me out.  I hope to connect with you soon!



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